Leading College of the Year

Date:   Tuesday , April 19, 2016

The Union budget has allocated Rs. 28840 crore for higher education for the financial year 2016-17 and are further distributed to the various public educational institutions and universities. Funds allocated are mostly utilized in developing various academic facilities and infrastructural developments of the public institutes which takes the major portion leaving considerably a small amount for the development of private institutes. On the other hand, private institutes further can utilize these funds only in research activities and remain self dependent for their rest of the financial needs and infrastructural developments. These institutions being financially dependent thus have an added advantage over the public institutes and can showcase a more independent form of directing the institutional targets.
Despite of having to follow regulations, these institutes provide education with a little drift. Private institutes incorporate and indulge in many activities which otherwise the public institutes fail to provide in terms of infrastructure, academic curriculum or the overall pedagogy. Over 35000 public and private institutes across the country, the private institutions are established with a view to provide more opportunities than a public counterpart may not be able to provide due to restrictions of regulations. States like Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka have more private institutes comparing to rest of the states in the country. Among sea of educational hubs who genuinely promise to benefit a student\'s needs, theses might confuse students having numerous options available. So to ease the hunt of the students we bring you the \'Leading College of the Year 2016\' helping them with some factors simplifying their struggle to gain best of the training.
In this issue of Silicon India Education, we have enlisted ones institutes from each state across the country as the \'Leading College of the Year 2016\' selected by our panel of experts and prepared with the intention to provide our readers an idea of the best private institutes in each state of the country. The institutes selected showcase a tremendous level of holistic approach delivering education to the students and training them into best future professionals. These institutes irrespective of any hurdles or shortcomings have proved themselves leaders in their respective states.