YourOwnROOM - Re-defining the rental landscape of urban India

Anamika Sahu
Thursday, October 20, 2016
Anamika Sahu
Life as we know it today, has changed in myriad ways. Our wants, needs, opportunities and lifestyle choices have moved away from the traditional milieu. New ways of living life and new ways of working have translated into new challenges.

Traditional approaches to the way things were done are.... simply put......redundant.

If in the past, the primary considerations in choosing a living space was the cost, to the upwardly mobile discerning urban single today, the quality of life has taken precedence over the cost factor. Location and quality of the living spaces are prized above all since, in cities today, these two factors determine the difference between a fulfilling life and a mundane rat race like existence.

However, the biases in the minds of most homeowners towards singles has resulted in a very low supply of attractive living spaces being available to meet the overwhelming demand for the same, forcing these singles to compromise and settle for shabby accommodations in far flung locations. "Sachin and I, during our corporate days, felt passionately about the need to improve the accommodation spectrum offered to singles in cities today. The horror stories of accommodation hunting we heard from friends and young single colleagues, coupled with the fact that hundreds of attractive apartments remained locked up in cities further strengthened our resolve to do something about the situation and thus was born the seed of the idea for YourOwnROOM," asserts Prabhat, CEO and Founder.

The entrepreneurial streak was strong in Prabhat even during his days at Stanford where his exposure to the best business practices combined with his operational expertise further strengthened his resolve to start something that would make a tangible difference.

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