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Thursday, January 30, 2003
si Readers
Dalal is right!
Jagdish Dalal's opinion on “India and the BPO boom” is indeed absorbing. It is, in fact, high time that Indian IT firms learned these lessons. The writer is right in mentioning that IT companies should stop tagging India as a cheaper destination, and instead focus on quality. If we were to jot down the reasons why a select few Indian IT services providers are still enjoying growth, the topmost of them would be their quality delivery. BPO companies must learn from the mistakes of their IT services providers counterparts and not focus too much on lower labor rates. India should not be seen as a cheaper destination, but should be looked upon as a “quality” destination. Only then can we call it a genuine BPO boom.

Sneha Ganesan
Lisle, IL

Dwivedi’s Best Bet
Kamalesh Dwivedi, VP and CIO at ADC Telecommunications, is perhaps right when he said that IT's business is the business and not the technology. CIOs need to think beyond their technology realm without really “falling in love” with technologies. What at the end of the day counts is whether the company is making money. It is also interesting to note that when every IT company looks at partnering with bigger companies, Dwivedi wants to take up smaller companies in his stride to take the next step in growth. I think Dwivedi’s bet on smaller companies would surely yield results in the long run.

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