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November - 2009 - issue > Spotlight: Internet

WiZiQ: Easy education online

si Team
Tuesday, November 3, 2009
si Team
WiZiQ is an online platform, where users can discover, transact and consume educational services. Students can find educational services such as online classes, courses, tests, content, as well as locate educational service providers offering their services both online and offline. Its solutions help the users to convert the files they want to share in an easily shareable format and in minimal required steps.

Harman Singh, CEO, WiZiQ.com started the firm in 2002 as a small e-learning services company and served clients who needed e-learning projects. Later, he transformed it to an Internet based education company that provides a platform for education service providers to build their online learning businesses.

The solution provides synchronous and asynchronous teaching through virtual classroom, online tests, content sharing and messaging system. It also allows the administration activities like online classes, tests, educational content, and contact and payment management. The marketing tool integrates teacher profile, public classes, public tests, public content, sharing or inviting contacts and social bookmarking websites posts.

The solution enables the students to view and download educational content, bookmark content one wants to study and contact the authors for learning. For the teachers, it enables them to upload, share and embed the content. It also helps the teachers to increase the visibility of their study materials on Google.

The website is free to join, and once joined, one can build educational network by entering subject interests and discover who else on the network shares similar interests. The content which is put on the web can be made semi-permanent and embeddable as objects and links.

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