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March - 2011 - issue > Technology

Verification: Why is it Vital?

Dr. H.V.Ananda & Raja Subramaniam
Wednesday, March 2, 2011
Dr. H.V.Ananda & Raja Subramaniam
The cost of fabricating modern day System on Chips (SoCs) is escalating with each new process node and runs into millions of dollars. Correcting a design after detecting a fault in a fabricated device and respinning the corrected design in a foundry is no longer a feasible solution because of this escalating cost. Further, each respin is time consuming thereby delaying the introduction of the device into the market, which affects its potential revenue and profitability. As an added complexity, software is increasingly determining significant portions of the SoC functionality as well as its development efforts. Hence, it is necessary that the correctness of the design is fully verified before it is released for manufacture.

Requirements of Verification Methodology:
Any verification method adopted should be:
* Appropriately accurate for verification and software enablement
* Appropriately fast, especially in enabling software
* Capable of verifying the design under real life signals
* Easy for debugging
* Capable of verifying both the hardware and embedded software. Since the majority of the devices today incorporate large amounts of software, it is necessary that the design needs to be verified in the software environment that the device is finally going to be operated in.

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