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April - 2010 - issue > Technology

Today's Technology Trends in the Education Sector

Arpan Banerjee
Tuesday, March 30, 2010
Arpan Banerjee
Today's students are growing up in a digital world that provides a variety of hi-tech tools, from computers and video games to increasingly sophisticated mobile devices. The schools and universities are following suit, integrating a range of technologies both in and outside the classrooms. Let us look at some exciting trends in today’s education sector.


The demand for higher education globally has increased and will continue to grow. New campuses are being built, and existing campuses are expanding. Universities are competing internationally for resources, faculty, the best students, and education funding.

Overseas expansion creates opportunities for students and faculty in terms of exchange programs and expanded campus environments. India, China, and the Middle East have quickly become key areas for widespread campus growth. The learning model varies by country and institution, ranging from replicating the home campus to building local capacity to participating in faculty exchanges.

These global learning environments give students an opportunity to expand their portfolios to include experience that is valued in today’s workforce. Universities, in turn, use their foreign campuses to attract top research talent and build international relationships, establishing a global presence and helping to develop local capacity.

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