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August - 2007 - issue > Editor's Desk

The OPD wave!

Pradeep Shankar
Wednesday, August 1, 2007
Pradeep Shankar
A research report that Forrester put out earlier this year noted that nearly 60 per cent of the 300-odd product development companies that set up captives or go solo in India incur high costs and higher attrition rates and eventually outsource to third-party companies. This came in as great news for the new breed of players out there called the Outsourced Product Development (OPD) players.

Talking to some of these players you will know that companies are rethinking on how they manage their product development and engineering functions. They are now fast recognizing that working with third-party specialists through an outsourcing engagement can help reduce design cycle times, reduce costs, minimize risks, access the latest technology without owning it, improve product development return on investment, help time the marketing better, and improve the overall competitiveness of their products.

No doubt, there is an upside for the OPD players. Even Nasscom backs it stating that OPD will be $8-10 billion market by 2010. Some of these OPD players are investing heavily on building certain technical competencies, grooming their employees to think up products, and even sharing some business risk with their clients.

In this issue, we feature Aditi Technologies which is one of the pioneers in the OPD space. Having worked at Microsoft for nearly a decade, Aditi’s founder Pradeep Singh knows what it takes to build the product DNA. The team at Aditi is continually pushing the envelope on innovation, which is critical for product development.

Building products for highly competitive environments require development teams that can properly match that intensity. It is worth noting that developers at Aditi are groomed to be achievers in multiple areas. Like at Aditi, developers at other OPD firms are conscientiously propelling Indian IT on its next big wave.

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