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The Next-gen high Bandwidth: A Game Changer

Malay Kundu
Founder & CEO-StopLift Checkout Vision Systems
Sunday, October 5, 2014
Malay Kundu
StopLift, based in Cambridge, MA, is a provider of checkout vision software with systems deployed across four continents. The firm's video analytics software involuntarily analyzes security video to identify theft and enhance operational efficiency at manned and self-service checkouts.

From where we sit at the intersection of the POS (Point-of-Sale) and Video Security markets, the hottest trends are related to the growth of IP video, video analytics, and self-checkouts.

On the video side, the retail security world has finally reached the tipping point where new installations opt for IP video over yesterday's analog cameras. This has led to better standards for communication of video, better infrastructure of video management systems to store the video, and a realization that having all the video you could ever want at your fingertips is not actually quite enough in and of itself. Taking a page out of the Big Data playbook, the retail security end user has started to realize that extracting actionable information from all that video is far more interesting. In security, actionable information from video means not just extracting insights but identifying actual incidents of theft.

On the POS side, the big story is self-checkouts. Just as airports have gone almost completely to self-service check in, retail stores too are also moving toward self-service scanning. The only challenge being that self-service scanning is much more error prone than its airport counterpart. Herein lies the opportunity. It turns out that the same advanced video analytics capable of detecting theft is equally good at recognizing legitimate behavior. And by doing so, video analytics can significantly diminish the false alarm beeping that frustrates honest shoppers, and instead make the self-checkout experience a much more pleasant one.

The Game Changer

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