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The Entire Industry is Working towards Driving Better Outcomes at Lower Costs

Yash Singh
VP, Corporate Strategy & Development-Analogic Corporation
Sunday, October 5, 2014
Yash Singh
Based in Peabody, MA, Analogic Corporation (Nasdaq :ALOG) is a provider of leading-edge healthcare and security technology solutions aimed at advancing healthcare practices. Analogic has a market cap of $893.47 million.

The industry should place an emphasis on creating a learning environment where ideas from different levels, functions and geographies in an enterprise are captured, evaluated and acted upon. Many times, the best ideas for a business stay hidden in the minds of employees and are never acted upon. A closer look at the industry would tell you that smaller companies are going global at a faster rate than before, and it is not easy for teams spread across the globe to work and innovate together. The current technologies have fallen behind in enabling a seamless integration among the widespread workforce.

In spite of these roadblocks, it is a hyper-active time in the sector. As an example, the simplification of technology has enabled a transit from high acuity procedures to low acuity methodologies and cost settings at locations closer to the patient. Analogic is enabling this trend with devices such as the Sonic Window, an easy-to-use device that enables general nurses to use ultrasound technology to place IVs. Another imperative trend is the increasing use of real-time imaging to drive better decisions and outcomes during procedures and diagnoses both in point-of-care and surgical settings.

There has also been an increasing focus on managing patient health and quality of life along the entire continuum of care rather than just point of treatment, so as to control systemic treatment costs for a given healthcare episode. The move towards digitalization, mobility and miniaturization has been significant in the recent years. The most obvious thing is that most of the present and future technologies revolve around driving better outcomes at lower costs. And, developed and emerging markets are witnessing a convergence of consumer needs.

Finding a Way Out of Challenges

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