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The Computer Networking Prodigy

Vignesh Anantharaj
Friday, November 30, 2012
Vignesh Anantharaj
In 1997, Peter Ogilvie, a computer engineer at Oracle was impressed with the way the newly employed young Indian lad at cubicle no 1301 handled the assigned networking chores. Although there was a hint of a sophomoric outlook to his work, he was still proving to be very effective and efficient. During the end of one working day, Biswas received a call from his mom informing him that she has reached the parking lot to pick him up. Intrigued “How old are you?” asked Peter. Biswas grinned and replied “turning sixteen in January” and logged out of the Oracle database to go home and feast on his mom’s pancakes.

Mastering Networking languages at Fifteen

Sanjit Zubin Biswas's interest in computer engineering started at age eight, when he began thumbing through his father's books on computers and surprisingly found them interesting. This was the beginning of a story belonging to a rare breed of prodigies. At the age of fifteen, he became one of the 500 teenagers in the country to score a perfect 1600 in SAT. Biswas had just mirrored the accomplishments of Microsoft’s co-founders, Bill Gates and Paul Allen, who scored 1590 and 1600 in SAT respectively.

After a successful SAT examination, he landed a job at Oracle with his smart and efficient thinking skills. Biswas holds the distinction of being the youngest person to work for the giant database management IT Company. He was fifteen.

When normal teens did part time jobs working at local café shops, Biswas was busy at the 13th floor of the Oracle headquarters in Redwood City to work as a computer engineer. He worked at Oracle till fall before embarking on a B.S. in Computer Systems Engineering course from Stanford University where he won many academic accolades and built his reputation as a genius.

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