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telematics4u: For a Shared Ecosystem; For a Smarter World

Kavitha G
Thursday, May 26, 2016
Kavitha G
In a quest to build a new capital city, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh decided to launch many initiatives in 2014; one of which aimed to proactively regulate stringent sand mining, transportation and supply laws to not only strengthen the revenue system, but also annihilate sand mafia in the state. It was clear that the key to achieve this was injecting technology into the realm, but its delivery and implementation demanded robust and automated IT solution provider. As per the suggestion of SERP (Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty), telematics4u (t4u) - a global ICT-enabled solutions and service provider - stepped into the picture.

After the implementation of its Sand Mining Administration Regulation Transport (SMART) application, the government was able to leverage a state-of-the-art technology that enforced transparency, decentralization of permit-issuing operations and ability to track and monitor all the functions, thereby remarkably reducing the malicious mining activities. In addition, this solution is deployed on a pay-as-you-use model, which makes it a pocket-friendly breakthrough. Today, around 20-25 districts in the states of Andhra Pradesh as well as Karnataka have been witnessing a radical transformation through SMART.

t4u does not promote disruption, rather it endeavors to create an intelligent electronic ecosystem, which will add a layer of technology for the existing process and fit perfectly into the extant economic ecosystem to push the whole industry to the next level. For example, Goa's Iron ore industry which was erstwhile an unorganized hub of scams is now an accountable and common ecosystem comprising government, various truckers, mining companies and such stakeholders, owing to t4u's end-to-end transparent system. Run on pre-paid system, each Kg of iron ore is accounted for by tracking the vehicle movement and its activities from source to destination throughout the various stages of extraction, process and delivery to end point, and providing complete transparency to the Government.

The Epicenter of Excellence

The company that is today relishing an envious virtual monopoly in the third party logistics arena with a growing portfolio of 100+ industries - government, business, and non-profit sectors - across 50+ countries had a rough start when it was incepted in 2009. However, t4u stayed strong and laid emphasis on building a robust foundation for future, instead of straying from its course and hitting low hanging fruits. Instigated its journey with telematics services, which is a subset of IoT, t4u effortlessly extended the similar logic to various verticals right from complex genre like transportation to unexplored yet critical realms like Billboard domain. Still keeping hold of the agility of a small company permits t4u to focus on strategies, technologies and the entire customer-facing activities.

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