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April - 2009 - issue > Company Spotlight

Talisma: Enhancing Customer Relationships

Jaya Smitha Menon
Sunday, April 5, 2009
Jaya Smitha Menon
“The market is just right to create opportunities to innovate and try out new things,” says Raj Mruthyunjayappa, Managing Director, Talisma (Asia Pacific). It is critical for organizations to focus extra hard on retaining their existing customers by continuously adding value to them. As companies realize that there is no better competitive advantage than customer loyalty, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) becomes important. Customer care is directly linked to the reputation and future prospects of any business. CRM is the name of the game today with the global market poised to be $2-3 billion by 2010. Of this, the Indian market accounts for $200-300 million, and Talisma, with its comprehensive suite of CRM products and solutions is focused on making use of this opportunity and grabbing a juicy share of this growing market.

Talisma was incorporated in the year 2000. Using its own experience in customer service to understand the pain areas of customers, Talisma conceptualized an enterprise level CRM solution. Today, Talisma is a wholly owned subsidiary of Campus Management Corp. With development activities focused out of India, Talisma uses centers in the U.S. and India to serve a myriad of industries including ITeS-BPO, telecommunications, distribution, education, BFSI, government, healthcare, technology, hospitality, manufacturing, media, retail, service, transportation, and utilities.

Product Offering and Technology
CRM solutions and tools help companies gain and retain clients through the implementation of e-business technologies for increasing business revenues. Though the market is filled with a slew of products that allows organizations to manage customer interactions, the challenge lies in managing customer relationships and identifying the return on investment (RoI). To calculate RoI, enterprises need to build organizational intelligence, customer intelligence, and supplier intelligence that in turn provides a holistic 360-degree view of customers, suppliers, and organizations. It is with this concept in mind that Talisma has built its CRM suite.

Talisma provides true Customer Lifecycle Management across sales, service, and marketing functions, and enables organizations to quickly, effectively, and accurately communicate with customers at any time. Organizations have the means to accelerate and sustain growth by creating personalized experiences. Talisma CRM supports contact management and tracks customer activities, while enforcing business strategy with technology. It not only performs consistently by sharing a unified view of the customer, but also helps personalizing new and ongoing customer interactions to cost-effectively acquire, nurture, and retain good customers

The company also provides vertical solutions that have been built after understanding the requirements of that specific industry vertical. This ensures that in addition to understanding the business model of the relevant vertical, Talisma’s CRM capabilities can be further leveraged to help enhance customer satisfaction through self-service, assisted service, and proactive service offerings. Customers can choose the communication channel they prefer whether it is modern channels (like Portal, Self-Service, SMS, or Chat), or traditional channels (like Email, Phone, Face-to-face interactions, Letters, etc.). Talisma allows flexible deployment models allowing customers to choose between hosted (or SaaS) and onsite deployments.

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