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May - 2007 - issue > Movers and Shakers

Taking over the Leadership

Sriparna Chakraborty
Tuesday, May 1, 2007
Sriparna Chakraborty
A keen advocator of good people management practices, Sunil JNV takes over as Vice President of Delivery in Aspire Systems, an outsourced product company.

Sunil deems that life is smooth when people within the organization are taken care of. Making people productive in an organization is an art and requires extra effort, voices Sunil. Nevertheless, as the head of delivery operations, Sunil faces the challenge of dealing with a team that consists of experienced and older people within the organization.
“I am aware of both aspects of the trade—services and products,” says Sunil. “Thus making a team to deliver is a challenge but not a difficult one,” he adds.

An IIM alumnus, Sunil moved to development after his MBA for the sheer love of IT. He was associated with HCL Technologies and iSOFT prior to joining Aspire Systems. At iSOFT, he was in-charge of product line that handled multiple development and implementation projects.

Sunil has over 12 years experience in IT and turnkey projects with focus on software services and product-business development and acquisitions. At Aspire systems he is responsible for creating go-to-market strategies to realize revenue targets as well as ensuring implementation of the best of the breed software engineering processes for the organization.

At this juncture, Sunil has only one wish i.e. to live up to the mission the company has: to meet deadlines, achieve results, and help satisfy Global IT departments spanning multiple industries and providing the highest quality services to clients.

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