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Synergy: Solving Critical Business Challenges for Client

SI Team
Monday, February 10, 2014
SI Team
As business environment becomes highly competitive and customer requirements skyrocket, enterprises are facing the need for highly efficient business software and applications. Be it a market leader or a startup, every organization today needs custom software solutions to coincide with their specific business requirements. In such a scenario, the need for a quality software development partner who can help enterprises scalability, cost efficiency and access to resources comes to the fore. Fitting the bill of needs like a glove is Synergy Technology Services, a company that specializes in providing business critical solutions, web application development, mobile application development and enterprise content management solutions.

Founded in 2006, the company has proven experience in developing applications on Sun (Java, J2EE), Microsoft (.NET, Sharepoint, Dynamics) and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) platform. "We provide end-to-end offerings to organizations that need to build scalable, highly reliable applications while coping with business demands for shorter development cycles and tight budgets," explains Ajay Lulia, Managing Partner and CTO, Synergy. Amidst the crammed IT services market, Synergy gets an edge over the others owing to its philosophy of focusing on resolving business problems for clients rather than taking a task or assignment based approach. Added to this, their extensive business knowledge sets the company apart as a complete delivery partner.

The Methodology of Excellence

Based in Mumbai, the company is today winning clients across verticals owing to their highly proven capabilities in leading application development technologies as well as rich experience and knowledge of different middleware and integration platforms mentions Rajesh Kumar, Managing Partner and Head Delivery. The company follows a stringent strategy to achieve client success ie: plan, design, build, test, implement and deliver applications within stringent quality standards. Not stopping at just that, the company also fully integrates the applications into clients� business processes and system environments, making them a valuable asset to any business.

Meeting Business Needs

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