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June - 2011 - issue > Management

Successful Leadership Fundamentals in Global Economy

Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy
Friday, June 3, 2011
Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy

The world has definitely changed in the last two decades. Businesses are truly global and are increasingly driven by technology. Technology itself is emerging at a pace faster than most people can keep up with. However, the role of a leader has not changed in terms of business outcomes. The leader is still accountable for business growth and for increasing the value of assets in the business.

So, how does one become a successful leader with so much change happening at a fast pace around the business? I share with you my experience and the fundamentals that allowed me to be successful as a scientific, technology and business leader in emerging technology companies. I share this with the aim; that it can benefit those who are aspiring to build their leadership talent and career.

The first and foremost fundamental is to believe in your self. For example, if you want to be respected by others, one has to learn to respect self first. Any inferiority or superiority complex (ISC) will create self-doubt and affect your ability to think objectively. This is also the starting point of falling down in your own eyes and in the view of your peers and reports. One can build this confidence by believing in strong values that you inherited or acquired. For me personally, I strongly believe in honest communication. In the long term this attribute will be rewarding but in the short term it can cause stress and conflict with peers and other reports. The conflict mainly arises with people who are ignorant about what they talking about due to their own ISC. You as leader need to be able to filter such people and their reaction, so you can work with them using some of the fundamental techniques discussed below.

All the other fundamentals of success can be grouped under five major topics, abbreviated as KARMA. So, what is the KARMA? KARMA in any realm of life refers to unattached actions; a perfectionist approach without the entanglement of negativistic human tendencies. KARMA in the realm of leadership is described as:
* Knowledge
* Agility

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