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Seven Year Old Delegate in Obama' Business Team

SI Team
Thursday, December 9, 2010
SI Team
Arya Ika, a seven year student from Southborough, Massachusetts was the youngest delegate in U.S. President Barack Obama’s business team. The second grader is accompanying Obama on his trip to India to take home some good deals for his family owned innovative health technology firm.

Born in a Massachusetts settled Indian-American family, Arya is a student in Fay School, Southborough, which incidentally is also former U.S. president John F Kennedy’s school. The institution granted special leave to Ika, so he could be part of this historic trip, where both India and the U.S. signed several agreements including breaking the decades old economic and technological barrier that was imposed on India after its two nuclear tests.

Ika was seen networking with other Indian and American delegates in between sessions and became the star attraction as everyone was curious to know what got the little fellow to the serious business sessions of Obama. “I want to meet Obama, and become the future President of the U.S,”said Ika while explaining the reasons behind his India trip.

Ika’s family, which migrated from Hyderabad 30 years ago, owns an innovative health care system firm, Ika System, which now employs more than 350 Americans. The company provides innovative health technology to insurance firms helping them bring quality care to patients at lower costs. The company’s gross turnover is around $500 million.
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