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June - 2007 - issue > India Development Center

Putting Customers on Track

Priya Pradeep
Thursday, May 31, 2007
Priya Pradeep
A famous CEO dictum: “Unless we’re in touch with our customers, our model of the world can diverge from reality. There’s no substitute for innovation, of course, but innovation is no substitute for being in touch, either.” With Avaya IP telephony products deployed in communication networks of over one million businesses worldwide and servicing over 90 percent Fortune 500 companies it is crucial for Avaya to focus on ‘customer satisfaction’.

Though Avaya is blazing the IP trail, it knows that given the sensitive and complex nature of IP networks, it needs concerted effort in customer support to stay ahead of the competition. With 37 Service Delivery Centers across the world, including India, Avaya intends to service its customers with the most consistent and effective delivery model, with the most talented and educated employees, and the most advanced technologies and processes that will lead the way to improving customer satisfaction levels.

What’s unique about Avaya’s India Global Service Delivery (GSD) Centers is that it is one out of the three—the other two being in North America and Europe—which have been earmarked to provide strategic support to both customers and centers of Avaya. While the service delivery professionals at the India GSD focus on rapid resolution of problems, they also play a critical role in solving complex problems across the company’s product footprint.

Engineers here have the ability to differentiate and understand the customer environment and configuration. In order to resolve complex or critical service outages, the team can quickly assemble the necessary resources and skill sets to address those situations that resist resolution through standard procedures. Once the issue is resolved, a follow-up review is completed to determine if systemic changes are warranted to avoid a recurrence.

Says Rajeev Shroff, Area Services, Vice President, GSD, “GSD has implemented several global best practices within the area of the Service Desk where Case Management is provided for streamlined and clear customer communications. In addition, it also provides a single Point of Contact option to assist with correctly capturing customer environments and data integrity.”

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