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ProKarma: Professionalism Personifies the Chosen Destiny

Vignesh Anantharaj
Thursday, November 29, 2012
Vignesh Anantharaj
In the summer of 2004, four friends decided to build an organization with a humble idea to serve with integrity and innovation. Bitten by the growth bug, the company grew by 8,311 percent from 2005-2008 with an aggressive approach to simplicity and smartness.
Today ProKarma, an IT and BPO solutions provider, has come a long way from a four man group to twenty offices worldwide, with 150 customers spanning three continents who consider the firm as a part of their team rather than a vendor.

"We have deliberately tried to create a flat organization where people work by objectives instead of titles. It is an open door policy," says Vivek Kumar, President of ProKarma. It would be impossible to relate such a statement from the President of a large company. It is usually inconceivable for an institution with 1500+ employees to sustain a horizontal organizational strategy without affecting productivity. But the exception to the case is ProKarma, whose employees are a passionate and rare bunch of individuals who almost always function autonomously with a keen focus on respect, empowerment, humility and passion which they have inculcated as their creed rather than their rules.

Business + Life = A Test Match

Co-headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska and Portland, Oregon; ProKarma was founded in 2004 by Vivek Kumar, Jeff Miller, Vijay Ijju and Manish Mehta with a desire to create a world class organization with an unobstructed view of how to go about it. “We believe that business is a test match and not a T20 game. You have to be patient, meticulous and have endurance to survive and thrive in a fast changing world. Our integrity, passion, compassion and ability to adapt make us who we are,” says Vivek, whose methods of management are as effective as they are unorthodox.

Having taken their chances at scoring sixes and fours and succeeding, the firm has procured its stay at the crease ball by ball with clever and smart-risk taking play. The successes have been incarnated in their ownership of trust with over 150 customers worldwide. The company caters to Argentina, Chile, Peru, Spain and over 27 states in the U.S. With delivery centers in Portland, Denver, Omaha, Hyderabad, Chennai and Buenos Aires, they consider customers as a part of a brotherhood rather than a client base.

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