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Paprikaas to Use HP’s Blade Server Technology

Shoukath Koduvally
Wednesday, April 1, 2009
Shoukath Koduvally
Animated files are so heavy that highly efficient servers are needed to manage them effectively. Paprikaas, one of the animated content providers, is looking to increase the storage capacity and efficiency of its servers by using HP Blade server technology. These two companies have entered into a partnership for this.

"Production demands of our business were pushing the power and space limits of our current data center. So, we were facing a significant challenge - to either build another data center or find an energy-efficient server alternative," says Nandish Domlur, CEO, Paprikaas.

With its low power module and the latest low-watt quad-core processor from Intel, the HP ProLiant BL460 is optimized for power-constrained environments. This server uses 44 fewer watts per blade, saving more than 700 watts per enclosure - or up to 25 percent of energy efficiency improvement.

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