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November - 2009 - issue > Spotlight: Mobile

Openstream: Effective Enterprise Mobility through Multimodality

si Team
Tuesday, November 3, 2009
si Team
Openstream was an si100 company in 2008. Back then, Openstream was sufficiently confident to predict its growth as well as the trends in the mobile technology evolution.

While enterprises across the industries are quick to realize the need to go beyond email access on mobile devices to drive productivity gains in the field, the challenges of viewing on a small-screen and cumbersome keypad input have limited the scale and success of mobile solutions.

Founded in 1997 by Raj Tumuluri, Openstream has been a pioneer in multimodal mobile platform and solutions for enterprises, that help connect people, systems and information to improve productivity, provide better intelligence and control, for the employees and customers who are on the move.

Openstream’s cue-me multimodal client together with Smart Messaging Platform (SMP) server provide a compelling solution that overcomes the challenges of on-the-move input/output using mobile devices, thus improving user-experience for any application.
The ‘multi-modal’ approach allows users to combine spoken commands with touch-interaction to fill forms, capture images and annotations, as well as access information/web on demand. For example, user can simply speak their queries and hear the responses read out by the system, thus overcoming the challenges of reading from a small screen device while on the move.
The cue-me platform has an extensible, event driven architecture with its design principles and markup based on the World Wide Web consortium’s Multimodal Interaction Framework (W3C MMI) architecture, a standard that Openstream co-authored, that provides portability, inter-operability across many devices, interaction-modes, languages and systems.
Cue-me applications developed once can run on many popular mobile devices without re-authoring for those platforms.

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