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June - 2011 - issue > Buyer's Perspective

One stop shop for managing Personal Finance

Vimali Swamy
Thursday, June 9, 2011
Vimali Swamy
Founded in 2008, Bangalore based Perfios offers an innovative Personal Finance Software Application that provides a 360 degree view of one’s personal finance, and helps manage personal finance in a safe and trusted environment with out much human intervention. In a candid chat with Vimali Swamy, VR Govindarajan Co-founder and CEO, Perfios talks about the company’s offerings, and future growth plans.

What does Perfios offer?
Managing one’s wealth is a daunting task faced by many, especially when in today’s cut throat environment, banks and other financial institutes are offering multiple schemes, funds and other savings plans, leaving a person fazed and confused.

With Perfios there were two specific points that we were trying to address — one is to provide a 360 degree view of personal finance and other is to help a person is to get all the related data automatically. There are several sites like Moneycontrol or Valueresearch where they provide information about equity or mutual fund if one provides all the information, but personal finance is lot more than just equity or mutual fund. Our aim is to provide a complete 360 degree view— be it one’s bank account, credit card, insurance options, loans, deposit, whatever that touches one’s personal finance should be addressed in our platform.

For example; by using Perfios one must be able to get integrated data across one’s different bank accounts, balance, interest reaped, and also advice on investments that could help one reap higher percentage of revenue.

Who all can use Perfios?

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