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Nephos: Shifting to the 'Cloud' made easy

si Team
Tuesday, November 3, 2009
si Team
Cloud computing has emerged as the latest buzzword in the technology space, especially after the advent of recession, though it has its own share of setbacks. With a vision to enable enterprise datacenters to embrace cloud computing without compromising on performance, security or control, Nephos Systems was founded in January 2009 to be an accelerator to cloud computing.

According to the analyst firm Gartner, cloud computing will be the number one strategic initiative for IT in 2010 and Nephos develops its solutions focused on this multi-billion dollar market opportunity. “However, unless the infrastructure roadblocks are removed, use of public clouds will continue to languish in the backwaters of an enterprise IT,” says Ranga Rangachari, CEO and Founder of Nephos.

Nephos mainly focuses on mid market enterprises, who are looking at public clouds for the elastic and ‘pay as you go’ computing model. “These customers need better control and transparency from their cloud infrastructure. Our strategy is to introduce a low cost, high value appliance and cloud services (below $15,000) and enable customers to scale to support multiple clouds and applications,” states Rangachari.

Nephos Augmenta, the first solution developed by this financially self-funded firm can enable organizations to seamlessly augment and securely extend their internal datacenter into a public cloud and to seamlessly migrate applications from their data center to the cloud. The company says that Augmenta was developed to ensure that the ‘right user runs the right applications on the right cloud infrastructure.’ The solution is currently being piloted by IT organizations and has enabled IT to leverage the true power of cloud computing.

Going ahead, the company aims to support even private clouds and extend its appeal to large enterprises, apart from expanding its presence around the globe. Currently, the company has a team of six people and plans to grow the number to 12 by the end of 2009. With demand for shifting to the ‘Cloud’ on a rise in organizations around the world, Nephos hopes to make the transition easier and safer for them through its solutions.
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