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Moxtra: Helping customers to Interact on their Content

SI Team
Tuesday, November 5, 2013
SI Team
It was an exit of epic proportion: Subrah Iyar, co-founder and former CEO of WebEx, sold his company to Cisco for $3.2 billion in 2007. Since then, he has been somewhat of a Silicon Valley phantom, until, a combination of ideas from some of his former WebEx colleagues and input from his college-age daughter inspired him to return to his start-up roots.

Currently working as the CEO of Moxtra, the company's inception was a confluence of many ideas and he has good reasons to bank on it. Moxtra, a Silicon Valley-based company, focuses on designing mobile solutions to help people master the chaos of their busy on-the-go lifestyles.

Moxtra App is a mobile-centric social collection and collaboration application which enables users to collect any type of digital content, access remote files on desktops, personalize content with voice, and share content publicly on social media or collaborate selectively, all in one app.

Moxtra provides users the simplicity of having everything organized in one place, which, in this instance comes in the form of a mobile binder. Users collect their essential digital content from wherever: Dropbox, Box, remote desktop, camera roll, or take a photo or video, and add it to their Moxtra Binder. Users can see their content as if on paper without the need to "open" each file. The content is automatically and attractively displayed. Virtually any type of digital content can be added to a Moxtra Binder be it photos, videos, notes, web pages, receipts, documents, or email attachments.

Another key element of the Moxtra Binder is the Moxtra Note. Users can can quickly create a multi-media presentation using annotations and voice-over to personalize pages in the binder. The Moxtra Note can be shared via email, SMS or Facebook. Also, any member of the binder can start a Moxtra Meet, allowing invitees to view pages in the binder from any browser within a real-time web meeting.

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