MBA in Tourism Management

SI Edu Team
Friday, February 27, 2015
SI Edu Team
Tourism is one of the flourishing businesses in the country today with a wide national and international scope. Though Master of Business Administration (MBA) in tourism is comparatively a rare course in India, it is a great option for students to pursue their career in this nurturing field if they have interest in travelling or want to make good money. The MBA in tourism management prepares the graduates to handle the complexities of tourism industry.

The specialized skills and leadership qualities taught in MBA programs, provides students with a competitive advantage over others. The high sensitivity towards international and intercultural management need offers a professional edge for aspirants with MBA in Tourism management over aspirants from other courses. With the recent developments in transportation and communication, traveling, both domestically and internationally has increased the rise for professionals with managerial skills who can successfully deal with all the problems of tourism industry. This industry is one of the largest earners in India and provides employment to number of people which needs to be managed very well. The job market for MBA in tourism management is wide open, with excellent managerial skills.
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