The Smart Techie was renamed Siliconindia India Edition starting Feb 2012 to continue the nearly two decade track record of excellence of our US edition.

Letters To The Editor

Monday, November 1, 1999
not really healthcare
The article "e-drugs" in the October issue is a very glossy investor presentation about drugstore.com and Kal Raman. He is obviously a very talented guy, however, its obvious his knowledge of healthcare is very superficial. Though your article is more a profile of him and his company, it certainly doesn't look at the company from a critical or analytical point of view. You may fare better by researching the company a bit more from industry experts as well as analysts. I think you will quickly find a very a very different view of things. My hitch is that by profiling Raman, you make him seem like a healthcare expert, when he is just a very smart technical guy! - Sandeep

Correction: si100

Thanks for including Gulf Computers in the si100. However, we'd like to submit some corrections on the figures you published in our company's listing. The facts should read as follows:

Year Founded : 1979

No. of employees : 450

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