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Learning from your boss’ mistakes

Christo Jacob
Monday, June 4, 2007
Christo Jacob
Too many cooks needn’t spoil the broth
Jaison Martin, SPGA specialist
Once we had to take up a project dealing with modems for a major government organization. Though my boss took it up as a challenge, he was not keen enough in optimizing the resources effectively. There were internal conflicts within the organization, and my boss was not prepared to include any other group in the project. If he had included the other group we would not have dropped the project half way.

Before taking up any project there should be complete planning and one needs to be aware of the resources available.

Designating is also an art!
Amarnath B, Client Support Executive Officer, Mach India
In an offshore project when my boss was onsite, a lot of projects were designated. The project was assigned to us because the officers in Singapore had left the company; and though it dealt with fixing errors, it was handed over to us without any proper documentation. Despite the transition files not having been handed over, the management was not bothered to look into the issues regarding guidelines for documentation. So we had to go back to the previous projects and this caused slow down of the work processes.
Small courtesies matter

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