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August - 2010 - issue > Tech Tracker

iphone 4 - A Box of Bugs?

Binu T Paul
Tuesday, August 3, 2010
Binu T Paul
With the opening day sales numbers growing beyond 1.5 million, iPhone 4 had a grand launch as expected, but the emergence of bugs and problems were something unexpected. With jailbreaking being legalized in U.S. and most interestingly, reports indicating that the iPhone 4 OS was jailbroken prior to its release, Apple has a tough task ahead.

The most reported iPhone 4 issue is the antenna "death grip" which affects the reception quality, which has already been acknowledged by Apple. Reception seems to drop out when holding the phone with the left hand. Internet experience on the iPhone 4 is limited to a great extent due to the fact that Apple does allow Flash on the iPhone.

The brand new technology ‘Apple Retina Display’ came under sharp criticism for the blurry yellow spots seen on the screen. The photo clarity has also been questioned due to the green blob of discoloration seen in photos with the strange aura or circle of green color in the center.

The issue of excessive heat during operation has been attributed to reception issues with the radio working overtime which in turn results in overheating. The much hyped iPhone 4 battery life is reported to be below expectations. This again is thought to be due to antenna reception quality and the excessive heat issues.

There were also complaints of proximity sensor turning off the screen when the phone is close to ear, which apparently prevents the touch screen from registering input. But interestingly, the sensor doesn't always turn off the screen, resulting in accidental dialing, hang-ups and other surprises as the ear presses on-screen buttons. Poor 3G data speeds is another major issues with the iPhone 4, which even made some users to make a comparison with the 3G data speed of the previous model iPhone and claim that the iPhone 4 is slower. The fragile glass back reportedly tends to break while the device is cloaked in an Apple iPhone 4 Bumper case.

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