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ipMetrix: Hybrid of Law firm & Technology Services Providing Astounding Value for Money

Susila Govindaraj
Thursday, December 11, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
Organizations are often burdened with a humungous 20-50 percent of attorney markup cost by law firms that typically have multiple layers. The cost is further proliferated while obtaining patent in countries like U.S. and Europe, where patent cost itself is high. Being a hybrid of law firm & technology enabled services company, ipMetrix, a boutique IP firm, eliminates such negative factors with tech-savvy teams entailed deep domain expertise and legal experts prioritizing client's needs, instead of business needs. The Bangalore-based firm also having offices in Chennai, Mumbai and California has built long-term preferential partnership with select few highly-capable IP firms in over 50 countries.Due to huge volume of business attained from ipMetrix, instead of hefty hourly charges these flexible foreign partners accept a fixed fee for just reviewing and filing the case, while all other time-consuming tasks are taken care of by ipMetrix internally for fixed charges; thus maximizing client's value and not fees.

Client-Centric Services

ipMetrix extends the capability of a mid-sized company as if they own a full-pledged IP department that comes with complete package of technology tools, wide network of partners and proven competency. ipMetrix's unique business model not just ensures 500 percent more efficiency, but also enables the company to scale with client's growing requirements. Though ipMetrix's primarily focus is on patents and supports client needs in the areas of patent research, protection and commercialization, the company acts as single point-of-contact for any technology company globally covering all IP needs including designs, trademarks, copyrights, open-source licensing and others. The company that has built their own technology platform to manage IP cases portfolio provides complete control & data visibility to clients, while ensuring utmost confidentiality with robust legal instruments, data encryption and redundancy measures.

Soaring as one of India's Largest IP Firms

Arun Narasani started his journey in IP in 2004, when IP was repelled by Indian society that takes pride in spreading knowledge. Law firms were merely working as post men, due to lack of technical knowledge. Being an IIT and IIM alumni with strong technical background, Arun created a paradigm shift in IP industry through ipMetrix. Adding tremendous value to patent prosecution process by fluently understanding client's technical language enabled ipMetrix to triumph over major law firms and penetrated into major clients in India along with several clients in U.S. and Europe, in a short span of 6 years. Though the company's major traction comes from telecommunications sector,the consistently expanding domain-wise segregated teams of ipMetrix cater to various verticals including software, mechanical, pharmaceuticals and electronics among others.

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