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Internet of Things (Iot), The Realization of The Last Mile

Rajveer Kushwaha
MD, CTO-Warburg Pincus
Friday, April 1, 2016
Rajveer Kushwaha
Perhaps one of the most exciting tech innovations ahead of us is the Internet-of-Things or IoT. The premise of IoT is that every [mobile] device that can be connected and will be connected, and will have some level of intelligence built into it. This simple concept will arguably change our lives.

Imagine you set the alarm for 6am to go to a meeting, and right before the alarm goes off the alarm clock notifies the coffee maker to start brewing coffee, and the toaster to start toasting your morning slice of bread.

As you drive over to the meeting, your car realizes you are going to be late for the meeting, evaluates traffic patterns in real time, gives you alternatives on the best route to take, and simultaneously emails/texts the other party notifying them that you will late.

As you start to get frustrated in Delhi traffic, your wearable device senses your heart rate going up and communicates that to the car. Your car knows your preference for a calming cup of cold coffee and sees on the navigator that your favorite Barista is next door to the meeting. Your car verbally asks you if you would like to get a coffee, you say yes, and your car automatically connects to the barista and orders you a cup, pays with your stored value card, and as you walk into your meeting, you quickly pick-up a cup of Iced Java to settle your nerves and get the extra edge you need for the meeting.

Now consider that the meeting is not going exactly as you had planned, and your wearable device that monitors your heart rate realizes that you are having a stressful day. Not only does it beep gently to remind you to practice deep breathing, it also notifies your doctor about your condition and records your status. If required, it could also alert a medical practitioner and even order up an ambulance proactively.

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