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Interchain Solutions: Enabling Navigation for All

Jayakishore Bayadi
Tuesday, March 31, 2009
Jayakishore Bayadi
It takes immense courage even to state, “Yes we can.” Especially, for a startup it’s a must requisite when they have to and aim to compete with biggies. Two entrepreneurs, Swaraj Kumar Bontula and Vishnu Sunderam, who founded Interchain Solutions, a Bangalore headquartered Location based services (LBS), Telematics and Social media company, which operates on two verticals, Location Based Services (mobile and web applications) and Telemetrics (asset tracking and management solutions), had this gut feeling right from the inception of their venture. When founded, Interchain’s primary focus was to provide LBS to the consumer as well as enterprise clientele. Today, with the help of a knowledge team consisting of strong technical experts with varied knowledge on Embedded Systems, Electronics, latest software tools, the company is successful in building the best-in-class Hardware Platform for LBS software involving in-house design and even has manufacturing infrastructure for its hardware products in Bangalore.

Vishnu, who is the brain behind the company’s LBS products teamed up with a young businessman Swaraj, founder of Suresec and Almana Network Solutions. “Swaraj always believed in building a self sustaining company which can focus on long term opportunities, and hence we evolved the Telemetrics vertical which can captialize on short and medium opportunities available on hand,” says Vishnu. “Over the course of this journey, we realized that building an expertise in creating next generation hardware platforms to power our software innovations has become our key differentiator,” explains Swaraj Kumar Bontula, CEO.

In a short span of two years, Interchain transformed into a professionally managed company leveraging the experience of Kalyanaraman, ex-CEO in one of the Group Companies of ELCOT, who currently is the President of the company. He shares his 36 years of industry experience with the young innovative minds in building the right solutions to address the needs of the consumer as well as the enterprise sectors.

This is the age of information at your finger tips, why not empower people to get access to their asset information right on their mobile phones and computers. Now, undoubtedly, a businessman will always wish to track his field personnel who are on the move, a parent would wish to protect his child while on the road. So, how about the idea of extending GPS on mobile to vehicles? As its evident that security is an increasing concern today in all walks of life. Obviously, for Interchain, it was like a huge opportunity to tap in as they already had the required software technology, GPS on mobile with them.

Strong Foothold in India

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