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India in the Big League of Internet Using Countries

ST Team
Tuesday, November 29, 2011
ST Team
With over 100 million internet users, India is now the third largest internet user globally; coming behind China and the U.S. Statistically, one in every ten Indians will be an internet user by the end of this year. A survey has reported that by December, 2011, there will be 121 million users who will access the internet at least once a week to check emails, chat or log onto a social network. In urban areas 79 percent of computer literate people seem to use the internet for at least once a month. According to the researchers affordability comes easy as internet friendly devices are increasing at a rapid rate.

There were times when internet connection was limited to a few and getting one itself used to a herculean task. Now, there is a significant increase in the number of service providers with improved services, and this has made it easy and affordable to get access to the internet. The government has always been trying to make the internet accessible to the masses and this dream seems to have come true. Surprisingly, there are more internet users in the rural sector than the top eight metros put together.

The internet boom is now opening gates for online marketing, consumers and retailers. Entrepreneurs claim internet to be a powerful tool for changing the business landscape in favor of India. Most of the startup companies look at India when starting a business instead of flying to the U.S. About two billion people use the web all over the world out of which 25 percent is from china, 12.5 percent from the U.S. and 6 percent from India.

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