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IITs, IIMs Produced Over Half of India’s Top Executives

ST Team
Wednesday, April 1, 2009
ST Team
The hype surrounding a degree obtained from IITs and IIMs has gained more glitz as more than half of the country's chief executives or strategic business leaders enjoy the legacy of being the alumni of one of these institutes. As per a study by EMA Partners International, IIMs hold the distinction of being the alma mater for more than half of the top-notch executives, while IITs have churned out more than a third of the total.

The researchers observed 200 Indian companies, to understand the impact of IITs and IIMs on Indian companies. For IIM graduates, financial services proved a good stand, with 41 percent of them holding the key positions in the sector. Groomed in the IITs, the engineering graduates found IT and ITeS more favorable to excel, as 32 percent of them are employed in this sector while manufacturing and financial services comprise of 26 percent and 16 percent respectively. The potent IIT-IIM combination has contributed around 13 percent of India’s business leaders.

It is believed that since the late '60s the graduates from these institutes steadily permeated the Indian corporate landscape. "Grueling selection process, discipline, and quality inputs at the campus make the IIM and IIT alumni tick," believe captains of the industry. Their way to patronize their institutes is through relentless recruitment of other graduates from these elite organizations, with eye-popping pay packages.

The influence of these institutes is currently seen to be plummeting amidst the current recession. The currently plunking campus recruitments and pay-packages have diminished the halo of divinity built around these institutes.

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