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February - 2009 - issue > Tech Tracker

iPhone 3G King’s Button, World's Most Expensive Mobile

Eureka Bharali
Thursday, January 29, 2009
Eureka Bharali
Bereaved of the iconic all-black design, the diamond encrusted Apple iPhone 3G 'Kings Button' is all set to rip off the treasured coins at a wrong time when the economy is on a seemingly irretrievable downslide. Carrying a phenomenal price tag of $2,517,345, the King is one step ahead of its earlier $999 'I Am Rich ' endeavor, which sparkled up the iPhone by displaying an image of a red ruby.

Designed by the Austrian jeweler Peter Aloisson, whose creative knacks blur the line between gadget, art, and jewelry, this killer smartphone from Apple may not glitter with success despite the immaculate 6.6 carat diamond adorning the gadget as its standard 'home button'. The wilting 3G iPhone craze, due to the high price tag, leaves little chance for the tech freaks to go for the glitzy gadget which steals the crown of being the world's most expensive phone from Goldvish's 'Le million’. Encased with 120 carats of diamonds, Le Million has set a Guinness World Record, which the glittering King's Button, lined with 138 diamonds, may break soon.

Philip de Vere, Founder of the London based jeweler De Vere, says about the diamonds adorning the iPhone, "We realized how sensational the all black iPhone looks without the diamonds." He had earlier tried a similar experiment on the iPhone. Analysts also suggest that diamonds usually end up looking cheap on gadgets, especially when they are used in largenumbers, which may add a heavy weight to the negative points of the gadget in the consumer’s view. In the meanwhile, some do consider the possibility of the King's Button winning the fondness of customers with a different taste who may relish wearing it.
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