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Hyderabad Chips Set To Take Off

Monday, November 17, 2008

It was a difficult decision to move back to India from Silicon Valley in 1999 when the software industry was at its peak. But Dayakar Reddy, Ramchandra Reddy nevertheless sold their respective startups in the US to tap into the emerging semiconductor market in Hyderabad, India.
Reddy sold Future Networks to US-based National Semiconductors. Likewise, Ram Reddy sold StarTech Semiconductors to Exar, and Vinay Kumar, who was working for Exar, joined the other two in the move back to India. The trio formed MosChip Semiconductors Technology, now a leading chipmaker in Hyderabad. Launched with a skeleton staff of five engineers, MosChip now has more than 50 on board.

“Sensing a huge opportunity in the semiconductor market in India, we wanted to become the pioneers as there was hardly anyone who was into this field,” says Reddy. “We did not want to do the same thing again in the Bay Area, but if we were to stay back in the US, this is what we would have done. As we three were born and brought up in Hyderabad, we wanted to do something here.” He adds, “Andhra Pradesh Chief Executive Chandrababu Naidu was going all out to help the Indians who wanted to come back to set up software units here.”

Promising Market
Srinivas Kilambi, managing director of Chip Engine, which began operations last year, says he expects the global semiconductor market to reach $17 billion by 2005.

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