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May - 2011 - issue > Management

HR Leads the way for Embracing Social Media in the Workplace

Kavita Rao
Tuesday, May 3, 2011
Kavita Rao
Human Resource professionals are increasingly using social media such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs to support their organizational objectives and hiring goals. Interestingly, while we in Human Resources are by nature wired to interact directly with people, HR has been an early adopter in business use of social media.

A global study into the Consumerization of IT used in the workplace commissioned by Unisys found that two of the top four reasons organizations use that social networking and communities in the workplace are HR related – internal communications and recruitment:
* Employee communications – 38 percent of organisations
* Customer communications – 38 percent
* Advertising & public relations – 31 percent
* Recruitment – 19 percent.

The primary purpose of HR is to share information, ask and answer questions, educate, inform, collaborate and connect. Social media simply provides another set of tools to build communities, both within and outside the organization, and create the ability to start, monitor, and participate in discussions about the organization both among the employee base as well as with people outside the organization. HR professionals can use these social media tools to gain knowledge about what is being said about their organization on various social networking sites and develop cost effective and wide ranging recruitment programs.

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