Lakshmi Hanspal
CSO-SAP Ariba, a part of SAP [NYSE:SAP]
Tuesday, August 30, 2016
Lakshmi Hanspal
Imagine all the times in your life that you wished you had a Reset button-from tottering toddler, to whimsical teen, to the Millennials and adults of today- what would you have done differently? Resetting is the process of re-examining assumptions, reattributing noise, and refocusing on change. Our ability to reset may be unique to primates such as ourselves - reset our mind, reset our approach, reset our relationships and reset our expectations. But, how often do we tap into this ability during the mayhem of our daily lives?

For Chief Security Officers, mayhem appears to be the flavor of each day. Because at the end of each day, they are responsible for answering the ubiquitous question "How secure are we?"

There are several courses of action that can be taken to answer this question:
1) Do nothing.
2) Panic.
3) Reset.

In the first case, a state of de-sensitivity where overwhelming amounts of information with no actionable intelligence leads to inaction. In the second, the same overwhelming amount of information with no actionable intelligence leads to paralysis by analysis. Neither outcome is preferred.

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