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Hire Standards

Monday, November 1, 1999
When Hyung Joo (Jason) Kim, President & CEO of Hyundai Information Technology (USA) needed to fill several key engineering positions within his firm, he knew it was not going to be easy finding qualified workforce. They got a call from HireConnection.com and decised to give it a shot, and were able to hire qualified people for three out of four open positions through the site, without ever paying a penny. HireConnection.com, founded by “Chief E-cruiting Officer” Rakesh Guliani, differentiates itself from the pack of online job sites by allowing employers to post openings entirely for free. But there’s a catch: posting companies have to be bona-fide Global Opportunity Employers, or, G.O.E.’s.
Talent Wars and G.O.E.’s

Guliani defines a G.O.E. as “an employer aggressively e-cruiting for the best talent the global workforce has to offer, regardless of relocation or visa status.” In the 1970s, he says, the US was a technological leader with access to the best talent in the world. But as the rest of the world caught up with the US’ technological advances, American companies realized that in order to gain dominance they would need to go out and get the workforce, wherever it was, and do whatever it took to hire them.

“Sometimes key positions are left unfilled for up to six months – these businesses cannot stay on top in industry working this way,” says Guliani. Guliani maintains that future-minded technology companies will have to become G.O.E.’s to maintain their edge. He so strongly believes in his vision that he refuses business to any company who is not a G.O.E.

What the World Needs Now

According to Guliani, though industry understands the needs of the global workforce, most job boards don’t. “Most job sites’ business models, like Monster.com, which charges anywhere from $225,000 to $295,000 to post jobs on its site, restrict many employers from participating. Then, the connection won’t happen because the employers can’t afford to post all their jobs. In our site, connections happen more easily because companies can post all job openings for free.”

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