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Green IT for a Healthier Environment

V.C Gopalratnam
Tuesday, February 1, 2011
 V.C Gopalratnam
Going green is top priority for most organizations today. Having realized that green technology brings with it, improved business productivity and a significant reduction in energy costs, companies are coming up with innovative measures to reduce their carbon footprint.

Growing consensus from the scientific community that global warming is largely man-made has increased pressure on governments, corporations and consumers to go the green way. There has been a shift from implementing ‘green’ technologies primarily for cost reduction, to a more balanced awareness of improving an organization’s environmental standing.

Adoption challenges:
Corporations that wish to follow a green business model tend to have apprehensions regarding the contribution of green policies to their business profitability. They wish to know the revenue opportunities and cost savings that can be realized by ‘going green’. The answers often depend on how broadly one is willing to define green practices.

Going green presents many challenges. Extensive alterations to existing infrastructure such as datacenters, computer systems, building power systems and air conditioning are capital intensive. Government policies that support use of green products, services and processes along with a provision for tax rebates on energy efficient buildings, products, and carbon trading can bring about large-scale adoption of green IT.

Green strategies:

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