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Generating high-performers: The HR Role

ST Team
Wednesday, September 14, 2011
ST Team
Human Resources Management is constantly evolving to fine tune itself and enhances its effectiveness. Managements expect greater participation of HR in the formulation of Business Strategy and its successful accomplishment to achieve the business objectives. This helps the organizations to grow and excel.

The 'Strategic HR Summit' organized by SiliconIndia on the Auguat 6th in New Delhi, witnessed presentations by eminent CHROs, VPs and Directors of HR.

This HR Summit featured an excellent line-up of HR experts spanning across various industries and regional sectors, bringing with them a vast resource of experience. The coming together of like-minded HR experts to share ideas was very beneficial to HR practitioners.

The conference kick started with the talk on 'Corporate Culture - Creating a living & breathing organization' delivered by John K. John, Associate Director, Talent Transformation and Intrapreneurship Development from HCL Technologies, who spoke about the importance of culture in a corporation. He said, 'Corporations live or die by their connections to Culture. He also told that there are two ways in which a corporation can connect with culture i.e. externally and internally. Relating to it, he added, 'External connections will be to study the 'Culture' outside of the organization and be in touch with 'the happenings in that culture' & thereby making your strategic decisions for the corporation. With the examples of South West Airlines, Starbucks Coffee, ServiceMaster and finally, HCL' he expressed his views towards 'the Employees First, Customer second Philosophy'.

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