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Four deadly sins of product management and how to avoid them

Dewaine Miller
Saturday, April 30, 2005
Dewaine Miller
Entrepreneurs and venture capitalist live or die on product management. Whether it is done well or poorly dictates the success or failure of the enterprise. It is the foundation on which companies are launched and empires are built. All too often, cutting corners in product management can lead to catastrophe.

What is a Product Manager?
Titles are confusing in our business. What one person calls a product manager another person refers to as a product marketing or marketing manager. It is certain that the roles cross a number of disciplines from determining which products get developed to how they are promoted.

Product managers are individuals at the beginning of the process who observe and respond to market needs. The enterprise’s core competency, vision, mission and strategic objectives direct them. Product managers guide the company through ideation and the selection of potential products. They delve into market research with passion and develop personae, prospect problem statements and use cases in preparation for the marketing requirements document (MRD). They build business cases detailing revenue and profit models, pricing, go-to-market strategies and buy versus build alternatives.

We know this. So why are we not getting the results that we should?

Wrong Person, Wrong Job

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