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Entrepreneurship Rewards

Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Identify a need and fill it is the business mantra today. It calls for a certain ability to understand requirements and match the standards of produce for the customer. The measure product requirement in the market, people orientation must be properly scaled and a study of inclination to buy the product at reasonable costs must be made. Research on its utility, acceptance, weaknesses, and competition must be identified and practically addressed.

Two kinds of people cohabit the world of business. The normal business psyche markedly differs from the employee mindset. Employees are concerned with career, position, increment, and a good take home salary; and they do not go beyond. Ambitions are limited and have boundary lines.

The business oriented people have a pattern of interests and the manifold vision and mission seem to be superior in the thought process and functioning style. One with the orientation of business not only thinks of money, but his thoughts extend beyond personal growth. The strategy is to live with good employees, build higher infrastructure, produce a superior product line, win competition, and finally be the backbone of the country’s sustained economics.

Entrepreneurship invariably has a sense of independence culminating into a desire; a desire to achieve in spite of obstacles and constraints, constantly desiring to be successful. With this comes a state of mind, which becomes strong with every passing day. This desire will sustain all hardships.

The first generation entrepreneurs are those who will have crossroads of anxieties, personal dilemmas, and conflicting ideas of birth and death of business models. They have the real spirit of adventure and a diehard attitude. Some succeed and continue to win, while some meet with an untimely end.

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