embedUR: Turning Customers Need into Reality

Anamika Sahu
Wednesday, February 5, 2014
Anamika Sahu
Around $159.2 billion were spent by 20 companies in various verticals for their R&D in 2012-13 and that of the top five investing firms accounts to $61.9 billion. This emphasizes the critical role that R&D plays in the innovation process. It is essentially an investment in technology and future capabilities which is transformed into new products, process and services. However, there are certain risks involved in R&D that includes no engineers, feature creep, knowledge silos, no lab time, complexity and absurd dates among others. This leads the projects to miss release date, miss cost targets and features dropped. According to a survey by UBM titled 'UDM Market Survey' for the industry average for project performance, around 58 percent of the project missed their release date, 27 percent missed cost targets and 16 percent had to compromise on some features.

Telecom and Data Networking and Infrastructure equipment vendors Companies have started their voyage to hit schedules, integrate new technology or tools, managing complexities, building higher quality development process, deal with lower power, security concerns and others and embedUR systems solutions are the oar in their hand to sail through this crunch. This California-based company helps cut risk and hit targets through new products like software design and development and hardware design, development and bring-up; enhancements to optimize performance and add new functionality; sustaining to MTTR reduction goals, SLAs on verified and fixed product defecta; and SQA & Test through test plan development, and pre-certification testing. embedUR takes complete responsibility of getting things done in the right direction. Along with that it also develops embedded systems products for network and telecom companies and has developed a reputation for delivering on-time, every time by taking complete product and project ownership for its clients. The accumulated 200+ years of experienced team of design engineers, project managers, architects and lead engineers turn this story into reality. It helps customers get to market faster and increase product margins by accelerating development with its embedded software expertise in wireless, switching, access and mobile.

Taking Complete Ownership

Rajesh C. Subramaniam, CEO & Founder, embedUR systems explains, "We augment our clients headache of project and product by taking complete ownership of it and create a differentiated value by keeping product and project ownership. We bring in the expertise and acumen as the biggest value proposition and act as true collaborators for successful product delivery". The company has helped all its customers at different points of time, in different technology areas. Over the last eight years, it has carved its niche in the wireless, access, switching and mobile sectors.

Since its inception in 2004, embedUR has undertaken over 75 major wireless projects for many of the leading companies in the enterprise WLAN market, developing everything from access point to CAPWAP protocol stacks and 30 DOCSIS related projects (products and features). It has successfully deployed software upgrade for a client who is a leader in cable modems and other telecom equipment. The client had a successful residential telephony modem that provided connections for two analog phones over cable. It was widely deployed across markets in Asia. However, as the mobile revolution unfolded, one of the company's primary service provider partners needed to address growing demand for better local cellular coverage in subscriber homes and apartments and prevent attrition of landline subscribers currently using the dual-line telephony modem. embedUR utilized the Unsolicited Grant Services features of DOCSIS 2.0 to upgrade only the software, leverage unused RJ45 port, support external Femtocell and add five concurrent SIP calls. This creative software upgrade provided the client a highly economical way to extend the life of its widely deployed telephony modem and enabled a new feature that could be leveraged across related cable modem products in its portfolio. And for the service provider, it gave them a fast and easy way to protect recurring revenues and deliver a compelling value-added service to their installed base.

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