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e-Zest Solutions: Exploring new Dimensions of Cloud

Pankaj Kundwani
Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Pankaj Kundwani
A few years ago, desktops used to rule the world and internet was only limited to static websites, emails and chats. Today we use the internet as an operating system and run everything in the cloud as web applications are available for everything right from office suites to enterprise systems such as CRM and ERP. The technology industry is at the tipping point of cloud computing and the market is expected to grow to a whopping $131 billion this year. Mobile data consumption is at par with desktops and laptops. The industry has seen a huge paradigm shift in the way software and applications are offered and consumed today as compared to the last decade.

To make the challenging task of adopting next-gen technologies for startups and established enterprises Devendra Deshmukh founded e-Zest Solutions in 2000. The company that is growing alongside the growth of cloud technologies specializes in building custom applications and software products for a wide array of clients. Deshmukh's company embodies his passion for tech-change. "We love to challenge ourselves with working on new-age technologies. This passion of working on latest technologies has helped us a lot in preparing ourselves to adapt to changing technology landscape," says Deshmukh. During the course of development, the company has built various technology practices, one of them was cloud computing, and formed innovation center as a strategic function.
Today, the company specializes in providing cloud computing, enterprise mobility, analytics and UI/UX outsourcing services and serves over 80 satisfied customers worldwide ranging from startups to global 500 business corporations like Volkswagon India, Reliance Industries, Siondo, Emerson Engineering, ESSAR Oil and several others.

Leveraging the Cloud
Cloud is still a new technology and it is difficult to know everything about it. Taking up the challenge, the company is only focusing on AWS and Azure platforms since they have a great potential. It has set up dedicated cloud practice for these platforms which keeps a tab on what's new in cloud computing and acclimatize best practices for cloud applications. Every new service provided by AWS and Azure is tested at e-Zest's innovation center and POCs are built to understand its working at depth. With continuous improvement approach, e-Zest has built significant strength to have an upper hand over competitors.
The innovative company is known to build innovative custom applications and software products for customers. Some of those innovations resulted in building a billing management system handling multi-billion transactions for the customers and it has also developed a largest and blazing fast vertical search engine for automobile parts and is building one of the largest e-health and practice management platform for a Belgium based company that significantly enhances healthcare efficiency and healthcare stakeholder collaboration. The organization builds interactive learning platform for enterprises which can be extended to tablets and Smartphones. This is just a fraction of what e-Zest has been doing with cloud computing for its customers.

Offshore outsourcing is an integral part of company's value proposition. Over last 13 years, organization's development services are continuously evolving to accommodate new tools, technologies and methodologies. Exposure to clients' culture has helped e-Zest in understanding the context and tacit expectations that clients have from them. The company has reached a stage where clients consider them as a growth partner. All these peripheral activities along with high quality development standards have benefited the organization as offshore outsourcing services company which is difficult to achieve.

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