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dotConverse: Building Goodwill between Brands & Consumers

Brinda Das
Thursday, April 9, 2015
Brinda Das
In the contemporary digital era, where brands compete to announce their presence in the virtual world, savvy marketing often emerges as the deal-maker. But standing out in the clutter is easier said than done, especially in the unruly world of social media where creating a positive buzz for a brand or a product is often a challenging task. Enter dotConverse, a promising start-up that is rewriting all the rules of traditional marketing by thinking out-of-the-box in the internet age.

dotConverse's rapid rise in the cut-throat world of digital marketing started in 2012 when it achieved the seemingly impossible: providing an image makeover for the beleaguered Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen. Lemp Brewpub, its first client, was at the receiving end of a social media scandal as irate customers took to Facebook and Twitter to lash out against the restaurant for allegedly mistreating its customers. Chances of an image turnaround were next to none, or so most PR pundits thought. dotConverse's stepped in to the scenario and performed a virtual miracle by developing an online reputation management strategy for the client. The organization worked towards decreasing the negative sentiments of the social media users about the restaurant. dotConverse also made sure to rebuild the lost confidence of the brand among consumers. And that was just the beginning.

dotConverse is founded by Saurabh Pandey, an eminent name within the marketing industry who holds over 17 years of extensive experience. He had worked with global organizations like Google, Ibibo, OLX and Airtel in the past which has helped him establish dotConverse. This is why, within a span of three years, the firm acquired blue chip clients like Heidelberg, Manfrotto, MindBox, Tyrone and Media Transasia. And the list continues to grow. So what's dot Converse's USP? "We start with our own research of competition and consumers, and then marry the research findings with plausible client objectives to create a value driven strategy," says Saurabh Pandey, CEO & Founder of the organization.

With the help of a talented team of 10 personnel, dotConverse believes in keeping itself updated with monthly insights with the help of key metrics which determines its behavior and performance. dotConverse's uniqueness also lies in its content creation which is done keeping the likes and dislikes of the target audience, i.e., the social media users in mind. The content of the organization includes an esoteric mix of comic strips, infographics and animated videos.

dotConverse provides a wide range of services to its clients which comprises of social media marketing, which helps its clients to increase their web traffic through the social media platforms. The organization works on content marketing as well. Online reputation management is one of the key roles that the organization plays which has helped it receive its first acclamation in the national level. Besides these services, the organization also provides local digital marketing and mobile application optimization services to make various mobile apps ascertainable.

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