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Data Storage and Management is No Longer a Backroom IT Issue’ ‘One -Stop Shops Forming Everything from Servers to Networking and Storage’

N. Subramanian
Wednesday, March 2, 2011
N. Subramanian
Some of the technology firms have all focused on the storage boom from the rising popularity of cloud computing services and virtualization. Big corporations keep growing larger, more sophisticated computing frameworks. That has led to a data storage switch from hard drives to remote server locations, and servers performing more specialized processing. In addition, companies want easily accessible data from multiple locations that are still responsive to stronger analytical demands. So it should come as no surprise that figures show total data collection doubling every 18 months. And the need for storage grows right along with it. Today all the big technology firms want to offer one –stop shopping for all their customer’s technology needs. In the face of data loss or an unforeseen disaster which renders information and IT systems inaccessible, many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) would buckle and potentially collapse while survivors have to foot a significant bill for lost business. Managing data storage for performance, integrity, and scalability is the next summit in Information Technology management and planning.

Given issues like data archiving, data security and storing as well as managing the information flowing in, many companies recognize that this is no longer a back room IT issue but the way the information is used, it can form a business-drive. According to a data storage survey conducted in 2007, the top drivers for storage solutions was data security which was locked in by 56 percent of the respondents. Interoperability, data management, and cost were the other major pivots for buying data storage.

A single storage area with millions of files may create a ‘black hole’ of data, where files go in but almost never are found again. At the core of every data management strategy lie backup and recovery. Yet, many enterprises today find their backup and recovery process strained; they still struggle to:

* Recover data simply, reliably, and efficiently

* Protect and manage growing volumes of data across storage tiers

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