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May - 2010 - issue > CIO Profile

Cloud & Mobile Computing The NEXT FRONTIER

Vimali Swamy
Friday, June 18, 2010
Vimali Swamy
Bask Iyer is excited for times ahead. As the CIO of the $35 billion corporation, Honeywell, he is looking at making the maximum of what is in store — mobile computing and cloud computing. He bets that these are the next big thing to revolutionize the industry a few years down the road. "As a CIO, my primary task is to keep the technology trends in line with the company’s business and I see a lot of potential in the convergence of mobile and cloud computing for both internal practices of the company as well as for clients by opening avenues for new products,"he says.

From scaling up infrastructure to providing services on-the-go there is a lot one can offer with these new technology advancements. As for Honeywell, Iyer is looking forward to being able to service business which were not in their client radar earlier. “Due to cost constraints, specifically capital investments, some of our potential customers may not have been able to use our products and services but with cloud computing the scenario is bound to change. They can now deploy our software over Cloud and SaaS making it is cost effective,” he says.

Another trend that he sees catching on like wildfire is the adoption of Open Source technology. He believes there are many interesting products from Operating Systems to databases and apps in open source platform. He finds them very good cost and quality wise for both small and large products. Iyer has also been observing many fellow CIOs who have seen the need to breakaway from legacy software and applications.

In his current role, Iyer is responsible for increasing productivity and improving the effectiveness of Honeywell’s IT, while safeguarding Honeywell’s critical information, intellectual property, and physical resources. He also implements an effective global operating service model by deploying new technology platforms and the core tools necessary to drive Honeywell’s businesses and strengthen IT’s role as a critical business partner throughout the company. In addition, he also leads the Honeywell IT Council, which sets the direction and focus for the function.

Despite all the change happening around, Iyer is focused enough not to ignore the fundamental building blocks of the company’s business. Honeywell has been doing cutting edge technology work in multiple fields and Iyer plans to align the new developments to enable company’s existing business processes. “What we want to do in terms of convergence of technologies is give our scientists and engineers the tools that will help get their job done efficiently,” he explains.

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