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CIO Strategies and Challenges for Today’s Enterprises: An Insight

Akanksha Ravindran
Wednesday, May 4, 2011
Akanksha Ravindran
Post recession, there have been paradigm shifts within the IT community, the role of a CIO has changed from being an information officer to being an innovative officer. The strategies too, have changed for a CIO but what has not changed is their continuous hunger for technology adaptation and adoption.

SiliconIndia conducted a dynamic conference for CIOs – ‘CIO Strategy Summit 2011’on April 13 at the Taj Vivanta in Bangalore, which addressed the challenges and opportunities ahead for business leaders to finalize the roadmap for the next financial year.

Are CIOs ready to adapt to changing business models? Ashwin Khorana, Head IT Service Delivery, ING Vysya Bank kick started this conference by addressing the crowd on the topic ‘Leadership Lessons for CIO’s’. He said “For any CIO the biggest challenge is to determine the things to be queued, which has to be well defined even before any business plan has to be executed. It is those 10 minutes that are more important than an entire day’s effort of strategizing and executing any business plan. Sometimes the process engineering aspects are more important than the actual plan and its execution and delivery”. He also stressed on the aspect of being more closely related to the actual code i.e writing it ourselves, which will decrease the complexity of any Infrastructure management or scaling issues that come up later. He also laid emphasis on the importance of peer networking to enhance any strategy planning for any business.

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM)
How RIM can drive cost & value optimization through strategic initiatives to manage business successfully? This session was addressed by our set of eminent panelists which included Ashwin Khorana, Head IT Service Delivery, ING Vysya Bank; Mrinal Chackraborty, Director ICS, TNT India; Prashanth Maranayakanahalli, CTO, First Source and Satish Kumar, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Glopore IMS. Prashanth moderated this panel and started off by talking about how we have to have a selective approach to RIM deployment keeping in mind the core activities of the company in tact! Satish took over from there and spoke about how the selective sourcing of IT should be done, “We have to retain control of the critical IT functions and not outsource them all of them”, he said.

With technologies coming to CIOs desk at break-neck speed, the role of remote infrastructure management services become more imperative not only to adapt to changing pace and dynamics of technology but also to control IT budgets and to ‘do more with less’. Ashwin spoke extensively about Cost arbitrage and said, “We have to move from cost arbitrage to capability arbitrage, which will in turn lead to expertise and growth.”

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