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Building Data Center Networks A new Approach

ST Team
Wednesday, May 4, 2011
ST Team
With trends like virtualization making inroads in the industry today, the Networking space is undergoing massive shift. Chee Keong (CK) Lam, Enterprise Solutions Manager APAC, Juniper Networks in a candid talk with TheSmartTechie talks about the new trends and how Juniper is re-defining the way Networks are built.

1.What are the new trends in the Networking space? And What are the challenges in this market?
As the data center becomes more virtualized, the trend in the networking space is to allow that to happen unimpeded and efficiently. Virtualization today means more than the ability to consolidate hardware but also the ability to manage and move workloads to any part of the rack in a data center, without having to be concerned about where it is being moved to. The other trend, as a form of consequence of virtualization, is the need to scale the network without complexity.

One of the biggest challenges is the way networks in the data centers are designed today. They were designed back in the 1990s when the first Ethernet switch was first introduced to the world and where building a hierarchy of switches was the only way to scale the network. It was fine to use such technology then because network traffic was client-based and data types were simple. Today, however, such architecture actually hampers virtualization in the data center.

2. Why current data center architectures in India across verticals are in need of a new approach?
Besides virtualization mentioned earlier, applications are also being written to be much more distributed. In other words, while the legacy client-server based traffic means most of the traffic are between servers and client computers, today’s applications are based on SOA (Services Oriented Architecture).

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