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Bring Back the "Human" in Human Resources

Jim Finkelstein
Friday, June 1, 2012
 Jim Finkelstein
Jim Finkelstein is the leader of people in business. With over 34 years of consulting and corporate experience, he has specialized in business and people strategy, motivation and reward, and organizational assessment, development, communications and transformation.

Finkelstein has worked for diverse industries, from health care to high tech. He has built programs and provided services to Boards of Directors, senior executives, management and employees. His experience includes being a partner in a Big Five firm, a CEO of a professional services firm, a corporate executive for Fortune 500 companies, and an entrepreneur with his current company, FutureSense®, Inc. He has experienced business from every possible angle and through every possible change.

When you ask yourself or others why you work, does the answer not stare back at you with a blank smile? You smile because you know you have to work. But the smile is blank because you have no idea why you have to. Do you have to work to survive? Or do you work because it’s enjoyable and meaningful?

The world of work is in a state of transition. The value of work has become so utilitarian – making money to pay for bills – that we have taken all meaning out of it.

It is now facing a new direction. The financial crisis beginning in 2006 stimulated changes across the board for work and life. What has been brought to a clear forefront is the nature of economics, work and business as usual. Corporate scandals, corruption, greed, housing crisis, bailouts and bonuses have all become acronyms, household words and/or fodder for late night talk show hosts to most working adults. Employees – people – have become disposable. Why have we let this happen? And, more importantly, why do we let this continue to happen?

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