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October - 2006 - issue > Tech Marketing

Breezing Through the Indian Market

Sohini Bagchi
Saturday, September 30, 2006
Sohini Bagchi
Capturing nearly 80 percent of the networking market in India, Cisco is growing at a
phenomenal rate. With strong domestic demand driving the networking industry, India has emerged as a significant contributor for Cisco.

Behind its enormous growth lay a few audacious brains and strategic investments that have taken business to the next level. Cisco recognized the importance of inflection point in the Indian market. In early 2003, the company decided on a strategy makeover.

At that time, Ranajoy Punja, who had worked in the U.S and Singapore markets of Cisco, stepped into the subcontinent to transform the company’s marketing strategy. With over 13 years of marketing and technical know-how in networking, he had the right kind of profile to drive the marketing strategy and help capture the business opportunity in the Indian market.

Punja made a difference, by treating India as a promising market across segments. The initial phase was spent mostly on evaluating the market, setting up marketing engine and resources to support the planned increase in marketing focus and investment. This was fine tuned over the last two years followed by strategic execution.

The hard work paid off and the result was for all to see. Indian enterprises, businesses and the government gradually started noticing the value of an end-to-end intelligent networking solution to drive IT strategy and business growth. This was a step up for Cisco.

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